Who’s In This Issue of RPM Magazine – December 2020

| November 25, 2020 More

FEATURE CAR – NO “I” IN TEAM – This nasty nitroused big block gets the job done.  James and Crystal Smith are not only racers, they are owners of JSC Carbon & Racing Fabrication and make or offer services for pretty much anything relating to a drag or street car, including this rear win.

PRO CAMARO – It’s not a Mercedes Benz, but it will do!  If this wild big tire blown Camaro looks like a professional build, well that’s because when you are a Mercedes Benz Technician, chances are your bar for quality work is set pretty high.

LAUGHING (gas) LEMANS – This LeMans Blue street driven Vette is nothing to laugh at.  Ahh, the Corvette, imagine a middle-aged man that golfs on the weekend; nine times out of ten, a Corvette is parked in the garage.  To a point, this is true, though the “C6” over the years attracted people of all ages.

THE LOAF – Everybody wants a piece of this LS powered Fox Mustang.  Alright, you’re looking at the title of this article and thinking what the heck is “The Loaf”?

HOME GROWN COPO – Where do we go from here?

SHOP TALK – You are only as good as your Team

QUICK TECH – Fuel System Tips (MagnaFuel)


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