FEATURED – SOUL MATES – Chuck and Sandra Beals 1963 Corvette

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Picture of a blue and white corvette race car for reading enhancementWe’d be lying if we didn’t admit that the love of fast cars is a male dominated thing, and often misunderstood by our better halves. Finding a female who doesn’t think we’re nuts for ogling over the sheetmetal of a well-restored muscle car, breaking out into a cold sweat every time we have an opportunity to head to the dragstrip, or missing damn near anything for the chance to wrench on a serious engine is slim to none—let alone meeting a girl who wants to actually drive one. Enter Chuck Beal and his wife Sandra Carter-Beal: Chuck being the owner and Sandra being the pilot of a sweet, low-seven second naturally-aspirated carbon bodied ’63 Vette. Yep, you heard us right— Sandra drives it!

The duo, hailing from Port Dover, Ontario, Canada seem to make the perfect team, but there’s no silver spoon in this story. In fact, this low-slung, heavy hittin’ Top Sportsman drag car is the product of a lot of knuckle busting late nights and a learning curve that spans more than a few years.

“We didn’t just start here,” Chuck explained firmly. “A lot of people look at owners of a car at this level and make a lot of assumptions. We’ve come from 11-seconds, to 8s, to this and did so on our own dime, and with a lot of hard work. Some think that we’re unapproachable, but we are exactly the opposite,” added the longtime heavy truck mechanic turned ace outside parts man for Metro Truck. “We make it a point to welcome everybody over to visit us while we’re at the track or a show. We want to help get as many people interested in these cars as we can.”

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