Beyond SICK Part 4 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

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Beyond SICK Part 4 – Tom Bailey – ’69 Camaro

“So here we are in month number four and still waiting on the block!” exclaimed Sick Seconds 2.0 owner Tom Bailey. As promised, we’ll give RPM readers a glimpse at Sick 2.0’s drivetrain this month,  to allow Tom and his team to get back at the engine when the block is completed and they begin to assemble all  that power.“We may be absent for a few months in RPM as we’ll be putting all of our energy into this ‘sick’ engine build so we can give you complete details as things progress,” added Bailey.

The car is set to debut at Detroit Autorama this week (March 6th), and then off to the Toronto Motorama. To make these events happen, Bailey will be debuting it with the alcohol version of Sick 1.0’s drivetrain. “It has been a plan all along to have this engine in 2.0 for some of the events we compete in,” Tom explained. “It is a 3500-horse combo that will be capable of handling everything except the loftiest of our goals, and will allow us to get all the bugs worked out of the chassis without having the billet bad boy completed. The rest of the drivetrain will stay the same for both mills.”

So on to the drivetrain. Tom chose to back up the crank with a Meziere billet flexplate and a Meziere starter.  “Their stuff is top notch and worry free. I have run their flexplate, starter, and water pump for years and have never had to replace them for any reason,” said Bailey….. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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