Superchips 2018-2020 Jeep® 2.0L Turbo Amp’d Coverage

| March 28, 2020 More

Our popular Amp’d Throttle Booster is now available for 2018 – 2020 Jeep® 2.0L Turbo JL applications. Check out the benefits below to see how you can instantly boost throttle response with Amp’d!

  • Faster Acceleration From a Stop
  • Reduces “Laggy” Dead Pedal Feeling
  • Quicker Spooling for Turbo Application
  • Optimizes Driving Experience on the Highway or Around Town
  • Up to 6 modes available (with switch) ​

Amp’d Throttle Sensitivity Booster is easy to install, delivers immediate improvement with pedal response and will optimize your driving experience in every situation. The Jeep® 2.0L Turbo engine offered in 2018-2020 JL models has been a great addition to the Wrangler, but with Amp’d you can make that 4-cylinder even more fun! Get into that turbo’s power band with less throttle input, offering better response and a ‘seat of the pants’ increase you’ll get nowhere else!

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