Summit Racing Shop Crane with Engine Stand Makes Engine Installation a Breeze

| February 28, 2020 More

A Summit Racing Shop Crane with Engine Stand makes installing or removing an engine a lot less stressful. It has an integrated engine stand positioned under the boom, forming a strong, sturdy base that is much easier and safer to use than manhandling a separate crane and stand.

The heavy-duty steel crane is rated to handle up to two tons, and features a strong hydraulic cylinder, a four-position boom, and 3.5 inch casters for easy movement around the shop. The engine stand has a 1,000 pound capacity, plus an adjustable 360-degree swivel head to make engine positioning easier. And when you want to work on the engine or use the crane for another task, the engine stand can be detached by removing two pins.

The Summit Racing Shop Crane with Engine Stand folds up for storage when not in use. Use it once and you’ll wonder how you ever did engine work without it.



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