FEATURED – OUTTA CONTROL Steve Wojcik 1969 Camaro

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Past feature article image of a drag racing carBuying a project car is always a bit of a crapshoot. Oftentimes, you never really know if the “facts” provided in an online ad are legit or not until it’s too late. And while the optimist in us all wants to believe every would-be salesman would never intentionally mislead, story after story of folks getting taken would lead you to believe that it happens fairly often.

Such was the case for Mountain Top, Pennsylvania’s Steve Wojcik when he purchased what he thought was his dream car in 2012. “I bought the car and got it home only to find out that it wasn’t what it should have been,” he said. As it turns out, the “facts” as had been presented weren’t accurate, and the dream would be sidelined.

For a while, at least.

“The ’69 Camaro was always a dream of mine, so I was really excited at first that I had found this car and that dream was finally a reality,” Wojcik said. Around racing since his teen years, much of his motorsports pursuits had come not from straight line but roundy-round action. “I raced NASCAR modified for a couple of years, but I really had the itch to go drag racing,” he said.

Unfortunately, once the Camaro got home, it became increasingly apparent that a full build was in order if it was going to be the 8-second capable and still street legal performer Wojcik had in mind. First up was the chassis, where Kocher Chassis and Restorations fabbed up a new chromoly skeleton while integrating the factory front clip in the process. With the factory mounting points retained fore, a matched set of tubular control arms were installed along with drop spindles and QA1 double adjustable shocks and springs. Disc brakes reside behind a pair of polished 17×3.5inch Alumastar 2.0 wheels.

Out back, a custom four-link hangs the fabricated 9-inch housing that is dampened and sprung via QA1 coilovers. Beefy 15×15-inch Alumastar wheels caress the equally meaty 33×15-15 slicks. Matching disc binders handle braking chores aft. The clean Kocher fab work is further accented with a metallic gray hue, giving the car’s under

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