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Like most of readers, we use our vehicles for everything Imaginable, and honestly, we are not what you would call “easy” on them. And contrary to popular belief, we don’t cruise around in a fleet of brand new stuff. Instead, just like you, we have to make our old rigs last. Oh sure, we take the best care of them that we can, but sometimes things just go unattended, just as with our 2000 Excursion, AKA “Big Bertha” or “The Tank,” the subject of this month’s Trick Out Your Truck feature. Whether its transporting people, supplies, magazines or towing race cars, street machines and pretty much anything else, we depend on Bertha day in day out, so keeping  her going is a pretty big deal. Yes it’s a 2000 (16 years old now!), but she’s a low-mile find from our buddy and ace drag race announcer Rockin’ Rob Cherkas. Bertha has been in our stable about four years now and the whole time we’ve struggled with her brakes—going through off-the-shelf rotors and calipers like candy, even the so called “better quality” parts.

Being a full-figured ride, she tips the scales at just over 7,200 pounds and it was  Time to put a stop to the nonsense and also to Bertha, so we contacted the folks at Power Stop Brakes.Read more….click the article image here


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