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>>>Shannon Renfro’s X275 Mustang is rolling art….it just happens to be rolling fast!

With over twenty years racing experience on his resume, it is safe to say Kentucky native, Shannon Renfro is an extremely talented driver and a fierce competitor. His ’89 Ford Mustang is a rolling piece of art, and a  visually rousing display of not only his success as a body shop business  owner, but also his accomplishments in the enormously aggressive world of X275 radial tire drag racing.

However, with nearly a quarter-century of racing under his belt, it should come as no surprise that Renfro has also become fluent in the art of cracking wise. With a comical personality and a  wealth of knowledge and skill to draw from, an afternoon with the Bluegrass State resident will leave you entertained and a bit more race car savvy for the experience.

So, if you ever have the honor of meeting him, be prepared for side-splitting laughter while drooling over his turbo-powered fox body Stang. “Turbos are for racing, blowers are for leaves, and nitrous is for the dentist’s office,” exclaimed Renfro.

Shannon’s tale begins with a wrecked Nissan pick-up and a non-roadworthy Mustang GT. “I got my first 5.0 in ’92 at… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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