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The title of this article may not  mean much to those readers under 40, but to those who have passed that milestone, it brings back a 1979 movie that createda buzz around the world due to its somewhat romanticized depiction of gang life  in New York City. It had interesting, diverse characters and was gritty, violent, and  action packed—much like an Outlaw drag race event with the diversity of drivers and crew, violence of big-horsepower combinations as they struggle to get from point A to point B before their rivals, and the action-packed part— well, that’s a given. But behind the scenes of drag racing, generations of competition and good people have been the glue that binds racers. Although the violence and power of the cars gets an instant adrenaline rush from fans and participants alike, it is undoubtedly a family sport with camaraderie and friendly rivalries that endure most boundaries.

As with any sport, the more “Outlaw” things get, the more action it can provide, but as the vicious cycle of more power/more money sets in, it often becomes out of reach for many. We seem to have come to a point in drag racing where some of the most popular street style classes like Outlaw 10.5 and X275 Drag Radial have almost priced racers… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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