TRUCKS – Trick Out Your Truck – Brake Upgrade

| April 30, 2020 More

If you have been following along in our ongoing Trick Out Your Truck series, we have installed a number of aesthetic and performance upgrades to a couple of trucks around the shop. Make no mistake, looking good and running good are critical to anything on wheels. However, effective stopping isn’t just a “nice to have” feature. Its a must.

That said, one of our shop haulers (and daily driver) has that classic ’90s sport truck vibe, complete with an oldschool static drop with 17-inch billet wheels and some hand-painted and airbrushed graphics. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the old-school styling that was drawing attention. It was our brakes.

We’ll be brutally honest here: the factory rear drums on our 1998 GMC were barely adequate from the factory. The big clunky shoes not only look lame behind a nice wheel and tire, just a little wear and they notoriously sound like a mortally wounded animal as you feather the pedal and ease in to pick up the kids from school.

Making matters worse, one of the cylinders on our ride had developed a leak.One  rather periolous trip … Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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