62 Millimeters – Greg Dudash

| April 3, 2020 More

62 Millimeters – Greg Dudash – High Horsepower Haulers

In many competitions, the difference between winning and losing can be measured in fractions of a second and the distance between the victor and the also-rans can be seen through squinted eye and the tiny space marked between a thumb and index finger.

For Hampton, Virginia heating and cooling contractor Greg Dudash, the difference between his silky smooth 1962 Chevy C10 and most other rides is readily apparent from first glance, but it is perhaps millimeters—106 millimeters to be exact—that really set him apart from the crowd.

To begin, the Bowtie’s wicked stance, obese rear meats, and nouveau- industrial dark monochrome color scheme all scream modern cool. However, it isn’t until Dudash pops the steel factory hood or hits the ignition that the true beast of this beauty roars and whistles its way to work. And with four digits worth of Precision Turbo-supplemented power on tap, the gray hauler can easily have the competition quickly seeing red.

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