The Change Up – Part 2 – Glenn Hunter’s ’56 Bel Air

| April 22, 2020 More

Like we have been telling RPM readers since day one, when you  follow along with our RPM projects, you are seeing them in real time. Chances are that most of the work you are reading about today was actually completed only a few weeks ago, pretty cool huh? We think so!

We want you to  get your hands dirty, toss tools and curse right along with us… and oh yeah,  we have to wait for parts just like you! If you don’t believe us, just ask Tom Bailey and Glenn Hunter. This is the real world folks, not a fantasy land of milk and honey magazine projects.

“It’s been a struggle to get stuff accomplished since last month,” Hunter said of the work on the ’56 screw-blower-to-turbo conversion completed for this series. “The delay with parts has been killing us. Even though this is a magazine project, we have to wait in line just like everyone else. I mean, what good is it unless we can give readers a look into the reality of doing a project like this? The fact is it’s not easy, but the end  results are well worth the effort.”

While waiting on some parts, Glenn was able to get started, and finished, on other  important items, like the intake manifold for the project. The Pro-Filer Sniper II intake was machined to take the 16 injectors for the new twin turbo setup and some cool new fuel rails were fabbed up by Glenn’s buddy, Tommy V of Superpro Performance in NY….. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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