Innovate Motorsports Ethanol Content Gauges Now Available at Summit Racing

| March 5, 2019 More

blobid2_1551470681265E85 is a proven, cost effective alternative to more expensive race gas. E85 also has a higher octane rating, provides a denser air/fuel intake charge, and lower engine operating temperatures compared to pump gasoline.

The problem with E85 is knowing exactly how much ethanol is in the fuel. The U.S. Department of Energy allows the blend to contain 51% to 83% ethanol to match climate conditions in various parts of the country. Your local gas station is allowed to adjust their E85 blend throughout the year to ensure flex fuel vehicles don’t experience hard start conditions in colder temperatures. That means you’re guessing what the ratio of ethanol to gasoline is every time you pump E85 into your tank—and that can lead to big tuning issues, especially with boosted engines.

But you can fix that problem with an Innovate Motorsports Ethanol Content Gauge. It allows you to monitor your fuel’s ethanol content and temperature in real time so that you can make informed tuning choices for your car. What’s more, an Ethanol Content Gauge also monitors fuel temperature, air/fuel ratio, and either boost/vacuum or fuel pressure depending on the gauge you choose.

You can then share all that data with other devices, like an aftermarket ECU to make on-the-fly adjustments, or to a data logger via the Innovate Motorsports MTS network for analysis after a pass.

The Innovate Motorsports Ethanol Content Gauges are available with or without an ethanol sensor. All gauges come with an O2 sensor and a weld-on bung, plus a fuel pressure or 4 bar MAP sensor.

Innovate Motorsports has helpful blogs about E85 and the Ethanol Content Gauges—one explains E85 monitoring in more detail, and the other shows how to install an Ethanol Content gauge.


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