Formula E preparing for biggest season

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Formula E, the all-electric racing series governed by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, will drop the flag on its fifth season of the motorsport on December 15. The all-electric racing league is attracting quite a lot of attention despite only being established in 2014. It is also luring a number of big-name sports car manufactures away from other motorsports including Formula One and World Endurance Championship racing. Thanks to the great bonus from Party Casino, gamblers can enjoy slots and other great games.

With new manufacturers on the way to Formula E, what should old fans and new supporters of the motorsport be on the lookout for in 2018-19?

Felipe Massa joins Formula E

Eleven-time F1 grand prix winner Felipe Massa will make his debut in Formula E this season. The 37-year-old Brazilian will drive for Venturi. The team is co-owned by American actor Leonardo Di Capri, which shows the diversity and interest Formula E has brought to motorsports. Massa isn’t the first former top F1 driver Venturi has signed. In 2015-16, Jacques Villeneuve drove for the team. That season saw Venturi end with its best points total in sixth place. Massa has signed a three-year deal with Venturi and could be the big name the motorsport needs to gain front page headlines around the world.

New cars and better races

Until this season, the technology in each electric Formula E car meant drivers had to swap cars midway through a race. The technology wasn’t advanced enough for the electric charge to power a car through the entire race. Season five will see the mid-race car swap eliminated. Races can now be more fluid without drivers hurriedly swapping cars. Due to the new generation of Formula E cars, race will now more closely resemble those on the F1 circuit.

New manufacturers

Formula E has attracted a lot of attention from carmakers. Several have already pulled out of F1 and the WEC. These car companies are now getting into Formula E. There are a few reasons for this, including the price to enter and maintain cars being lower as well as more all-electric technology going into everyday cars driven on roads around the world. Motorsports has long been the testing ground for cars before they are manufactured for general use by the public. The need for more electric cars on the roads means major car companies will use Formula E to test their latest technology.

The fifth season will see Nissan and BMW enter the racing league. Season six is set to see more manufacturers join Formula E. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche will be on board for the sixth season.

Excitement in motorsports

The F1 championship has been quite predictable and stale over the last few years. However, Formula E provides fans with excitement due to the unpredictable nature of the league. Each season of Formula E has seen a new champion. Although the Renault e.dams team won the Formula E Team Championships three out of four years, a new driver has lifted the individual trophy.

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