Tuff Stuff Factory Cast Plus+ Alternators Now Available at Summit Racing

| April 21, 2017 More

TFF-7068K6G2_1491588408597If you want a high-output alternator that won’t corrode five minutes after you install it, check out Tuff Stuff’s Factory Cast Plus+ alternators. The alternators have an as-cast finish that looks like OEM. Better yet, Tuff Stuff’s exclusive transparent polymer coating means corrosion, grease, and dirt are things of the past—just wipe the alternator with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

The Factory Cast Plus+ alternators provide plenty of current—up to 250 amps depending on the application—to power modern electronics. Other features include:
• High-tech rotors and stators
• Low cut-in voltage regulators that provide high output even at idle
• High quality neoprene sealed bearings for durability and long life
Most Tuff Stuff Factory Cast Plus+ alternators come with one-wire and OEM hookups—choose the one that suits you.  The alternators are available for many American vehicles with V-belt or serpentine belt accessory drives.

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