I-22 Motorsports Park

I-22 Motorsports Park located in Eldridge, AL. The premier drag strip in the country.

  • New Drag Racing Facility Completed in 2009
  • Solid Concrete Racing Surface
  • 2300 ft. Long, 55ft wide
  • National Coverage of Heads Up Races
  • Family Oriented Programs
  • Junior Dragsters Run Weekly
  • Footbrake Run Weekly
  • Fast 8 Run Monthly
  • Heads Up Run Monthly
  • VP and Other Racing Fuels Sold Onsite
  • Family Owned and Operated

I-22 Motorsports Park
3928 Byler Rd
Eldridge, AL 35554, USA

Phone: (205) 924-9300
Website: i-22motorsportspark.com
Facebook: facebook.com/I-22-Motorsports-Park

To see I-22 Motorsports Park’s 2020 Schedule, click here.

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