Gainsville Raceway

Gainesville Raceway is a quarter-mile dragstrip just outside Gainesville, Florida. It opened in 1969 and held its first Gatornationals event in 1970. Long considered one of the fastest tracks on the NHRA circuit, it was from this legendary launch point that drivers clocked the first 260-, 270- and 300-mph Top Fuel runs. It also was from this starting line, during the 2000 Mac Tools NHRA Gatornationals, that eight of 10 national records were set in the professional classes.

Gainesville Raceway
11211 North County Road 225
Gainesville, Florida 32609

Phone: 352-377-0046

Gainsville Raceway 2020 Schedule:

4th: All Welcome Test-and-Tune
18th: Chassis Inspection & Summit Series Bracket Race #1
25th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune

1st: Street Legal Saturday
8th: Open Test-and-Tune
9th: Import Face-off
15th: Summit Series Bracket Race #2
16th: Summit Series Bracket Race #3

5th-8th: 5th Annual NHRA Division 2 Baby Gators
12th-15th: 51st Annual NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals
21st: Summit Series Bracket Race #4
22nd: Pure Speed Drag Racing and Exotics Experience
27th: Friday Street Legal Madness
29th: Racewars Race & Car Show

4th: Summit Series Bracket Race #5
11th: Summit Series Bracket Race #6
17th: Friday Street Legal Madness
18th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
25th: Fourth Annual 352 Shootout

1st: Friday Street Legal Madness
2nd: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
9th: Summit Series Bracket Race #7 & King of the Track
16th: Street Legal Saturday
23rd: Summit Series Bracket Race #8
24th: Summit Series Bracket Race #9
29th: Friday Street Legal Madness
30th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune

6th: Summit Series Bracket Race #10
12th: Friday Street Legal Madness
13th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
20th: Summit Series Bracket Race #11 & Jr. Dragster Wally Race
26th: Friday Street Legal Madness
27th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune

11th: Summit Series Bracket Race #12 & Wally Race
18th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
24th: Friday Street Legal Madness

1st: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
7th: Friday Street Legal Madness
15th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
28th: Friday Street Legal Madness

11th: Friday Street Legal Madness
12th: Summit Series Bracket Race #14
19th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
25th: Friday Street Legal Madness
26th: Summit Series Race #14

3rd: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
16th: Friday Street Legal Madness
17th: Drag Slicks & Radials Test-and-Tune
24th-25th: Grassroots Motorsports $2,000 Challenge
30th: Friday Street Legal Madness

1st: Import Face-Off
6th-8th: All Harley Drag Race Association 2020 World Finals
14th: Gainesville Raceway Summit Series Champions Banquet
21st: Street Legal Saturday

5th: Pure Speed Drag Racing Experience
12th: All Welcome Test-and-Tune

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