APocalypSe Horse Project Build

mustang_project_summary_11_2014a-1Welcome to the APocalypSe Horse Project Build Page…..

You might not have realized it just yet, but there’s a revolution brewing. The stuccato pops of freshly struck blue torches in shops from coast to coast are growing ever more frequent. Tirehood obesity, nearly eradicated by a decade of dub wheels, 40-series tires, and an endless maze of strategically placed traffic cones is thankfully—mercifully—magnificently—again on the rise.

Grab your shortened axles and punch them with clenched fist defiantly into the sky, kids. Pro street is cool again…not that it ever wasn’t! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be touring around loud and proud in a street version of a Pro Stock or Pro Mod? The look, the sound and all that power, it really is that cool!

The idea to build a late model bodied car with all the classic Pro Street styling cues was birthed during the writing of RPM Magazine photojournalist Toby Brooks’ newest book, Sensory Overload: Cool Builders, Hot Cars, and Wild Times at the Street Machine Nationals. Talking about the style and reminiscing about the past with the legendary builders who defined it for over a decade made us nix going nostalgic and begin to silently wonder: Detroit has cranked out a number of very cool cars since the trend seemingly took its last breath in the late ’90s. How cool would it be to build a modern interpretation of the iconic pro street style?

We introduce you to the aPocalypSe Horse…the Second Coming of Pro Street!

A collection of the articles throughout this build are listed here…

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The first article that started it all: RPM Magazine’s aPocalypSe Horse Project – The Second Coming of Pro Street!   

Part 2 – Gutting Your Horse – Family Edition

Part 3 – Blowin’ Up Our Plans – It just needed something else… like a blower…. or maybe two… and a stage of nitrous… or maybe two.

Part 4 – Seriously Trick Stuff – The Horse gets fitted with some seriously trick huff, puff & bling!

Part 5 – Project Update – The build continues: Cutting begins, new strip-only wheels, more fabrication work.

Part 6 – Four States of Metal – Chassis and custom intake fabrication begin and the Horse gets a new set of shoes for the drag strip.

Part 7 – Taking Shape – Metal keeps taking shape as our “Second Coming of Pro Street” build heats up.

Part 8 – New Look – The Horse gets a new-look CNC logo and a host of other developments this month!

Part 9 – Beadlocks and Rolling Stock – The Horse gets a trick set of Budnik billet wheels, Mac-Fab Beadlocks, and Mickey Thompson tires.

Part 10 – Heart of the Beast – Jon Kaase Racing Engines puts together a bulletproof big block Ford shortblock.

Part 11 – Gettin’ Dipped & Etched – Anodize, Inc. treats some parts to a cool custom finish.

Part 12 – Chassis Changes & Powerplant Prep – Our project heads east to Virginia Rod Company just as Kaase Racing Engines wraps up engine build.

Part 13 – Behind Bars – Virginia Rod Company gets cranking on an all-new chassis complete with twin funny car cages.

Part 14 – The Boss is In – Jon Kaase Racing Engines and The Supercharger Store fire up our twin ProCharged Boss Nine powerplant.

Part 15 – Shaping Up – Virginia Rod Company continues our chassis fabrication with a boatload of cutting-edge parts — and some old-fashioned hot rodding craftsmanship.

Part 16 – Now We’re Rollin’ – With a trick Ride Tech front suspension installed, our 2006 Mustang project car’s rolling chassis nears completion.

Part 17 – 1 – Showin’ Off – We take a bit of a breather on our build to gather parts and to show our progress to date at the VA Hot Rod & Custom Car Show.

Part 17 – 2 – Fabbed U Lous – Our project Mustang gets a host of custom fabbed touches including headers, tinwork, and carbon fiber wheel tubs.

Part 18 – One Step Forward – One seemingly simple issue sends us back to the drawing board on our intake, ignition, and fuel delivery systems.

Part 19 – Creepin’ Along – Slow progress is still progress as we continue to inch ever- closer to getting our 2006 Mustang project car to paint.

Part 20 – Fabbed in the USA – Billet aluminum, chromoly, sheetmetal, and fiberglass are all flying across three states as progress continues on our 2016 pro street Mustang project.

Part 21 – Horse with Some Hot Tin Work – Our 2006 Mustang project car gets cool sheet metal work and a wild dual-threat exhaust system from the crew at Virginia Rod Company.

Part 22 – The Next Step – Project aPocalypSe Horse heads west for paint and body

Part 23 – Work That Body – Progress continues on Project aPocalypSe Horse’s wild paint.

Part 24 – Wing and a Prayer – Project aPocalypSe Horse gets a new pro stock wing and inches closer to paint.

Part 25 – Devils in the Details – Project aPocalypSe Horse gets set up for nitrous plumbing and some trick shifters are prepped for install.

Part 26 – It Takes A Village – Project aPocalypSe Horse gets rescued by Norovich’s Pro Street Customs & Braddy Custom Auto Body

Part 27 – Chippin Away – If the details didn’t matter, Project aPocalypSe Horse would probably be done by now!

Part 28 – Home at Last – After three years, six shops, and more than 4,000 miles in the back of various trailers, Project aPocalypSe Horse heads back to the RPM Garage.

Part 29 – Plumbed Crazy – The gang at Nitrous Supply plans and bend and fla es not one…not two…but THREE nitrous systems on our VED billet intake manifold.

Part 30 – Take a Seat – We mounted up a pair of PROCAR buckets and a number of other pieces as chassis fab near completion.

Part 31 – Hit The Brakes – We install a dual master cylinder pedal assembly with parts from Fragola, Brake Quip, and Lokar.

Part 32 – Nice Rear End – S & W RaceCars fabricated 9 inch housing with components from Moser Engineering and Baer Brakes.

Part 33 – If At First You Don’t Succeed – Overcoming setbacks along the way, we reassemble our S&W Race Cars rear end, then begin tin work thanks to Midwest Customs of Madrid.

Part 33 – 2 – The Tunnel of Despair – We pay tuition at the School of Hard Knocks and fab up a bead rolled sheetmetal transmission tunnel.

Part 34 – All in The Details – This month we wrap up the interior tinwork, put Texas Premier Polishing to work, and finish up our tires and wheels.

Part 35 – Project Do Over – After a 1,000 mile trek east, Yates Performance Chassis gets our pony ever-closer to paint at Braddy Custom.

Part 36 – The Right Way – Steve Yates spearheads the effort to tackle the final few weeks of fabrication work before we head to paint.

Part 37 – Play the Hand You are Dealt – With the clock ticking on the big debut at the Street Machine Nationals, we take a few steps back before taking a few forward.

Part 38 – Little Things Mean Alot – With plans for the big debut shot to pieces, we regroup and focus in on the last few remaining fabrication chores.

Part 39 – Inch by Inch – Chassis fab is complete at Yates Performance and our completed chassis gets powder coat from Denco Powder Coating Services.

Part 40 – At Long Last – Our project car finally heads on down the road to Braddy Custom Paint!

Part 41 – Chipping Away – Braddy Custom Paint inches our project car ever-closer to trick paint and graphics with some custom body mods.

Part 42 – Little by Little – We continue prepping our project car for paint and handling a number of other details.

Part 43 – The Hard Way – Project do-over strikes again.

Part 44 – Whole Lotta Nothin’ – Tinkering on the little stuff sure can take a lot of time!

Part 45 – By a Nose – Ever wonder how to use 21 OEM fenders on the same car? Let us show you how!

Part 46 – Home Again – After a 2500-mile round trip, our pro street project car is in our shop. Again. And STILL not painted.

Part 47 – Glass Ceiling – The Horse finally has a hood mounted. Again.

Part 48 – Alternate Route – Cutting custom billet aluminum pieces for our pro street project car using a router table.

Part 49 – Brakes, Bags & Bolts – We put the front suspension back together in our pro street Mustang.

Part 50 – Good for Everything – Great for Nuthin’ – Fabricator Mark Peck installs our wild but functional dual-threat Borla exhaust system.

Part 51 – Thrashing Ahead – Our project Mustang heads 1,100 miles east to Bob Thrash’s new shop.

Part 52 – The Fenders of Doom – Fabmaster Bob Thrash takes a swing at the nose that refused to be built.

Part 53 – The Fenders of Doom Part 2 – Bob Thrash keeps working his magic on the sheetmetal from hell.




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