FEATURE – Waylon – Jeramie Mattingly & Nick Redner – 89 Mustang

| December 18, 2020 More

One man’s frustration can become another one’s opportunity, as long as you’re in the right place at the right time. Browse any well-known racing classifieds or even sale groups on social media and you can stumble across projects ready for a new owner at any stage of the game.

With many years of accumulated racing experience between two gentlemen: Jeramie Mattingly and Nick Redner, they were able to combine efforts when they stumbled across a deal they just couldn’t turn their backs on. Little did they know at the time, a white 1989 Ford Mustang that came to be known as “Waylon” was going to come along and make some waves for the two guys and their team: TEAM WEEEEE. But before Waylon came into the picture,we need to set the stage  with the background story.

Mattingly explains, “We ran my Nova in 8.5 classes for years. It was  competitive and ran great, and we won a lot of races with it. Teammate of TEAM WEEEEE, Stewart Jordan, purchased an  ’87 Mustang coupe and I helped him finish it as our team does. Realizing he couldn’t drive two cars at once,  Mattingly’s neighbor, Nick Redner who previously wheeled his own big tire ’63 Nova “Dirty Red,” took an interest in driving the car.”…
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