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| December 4, 2020 More

Creativity is a funny thing in most respects, but none more so than when it comes to custom fabrication. It seems like it is easy to get stumped trying to find new ways of making familiar projects look unique; however, you throw a new tool in the mix and suddenly the ideas seem to just flow. That’s exactly what happened to us recently when we stumbled across the Multiroll 62-inch box & pan radius brake. We didn’t even know whether or not we really needed it when we first saw it on the multiroll. net website. But after putting it to use on some sheet metal  projects in the shop, we’d now contend that it’s hard to imagine how we did light gauge projects without it before.

The brainchild of Florida-based sheetmetal master Chris Jeske, the patented aluminum tool has been built, tweaked, refined, and improved over the years as it was used on projects ranging from automotive to marine and home/office applications. Unlike a standard sheet metal brake that produces a crisp bend line, the Multiroll creates a soft, smooth curve around its tight 2-inch diameter shell. After finally admitting that the  elegantly simply but incredibly useful brake deserved to be in the hands of other fabricators, Jeske got it patented and found a domestic source who could produce the unique extrusion. The rest, as they say, is history…. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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