PAST FEATURES – BIG GUN – Trey and Heather Cavarettas Pro Street C-10 Pickup

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silver racing truck for reading enhancementOne look is all it takes. The unfettered, steel-gray sides look just as tough and muscular as they did the day it rolled off the line for the first time. Up front, the massive mechanical components reaching skyward have an all-business look that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Out back, the handcrafted steel skeleton shows an attention to detail and an obviously heavy dose of good ol’ fashioned American craftsmanship. Except we aren’t talking about the USS Alabama. We’re talking about Trey & Heather Cavaretta’s stunning 1964 C-10 shortbed. “I have owned the truck for the past 10 years,” Cavaretta began.

“But believe it or not the truck you see here was pretty much built in 8 months,” he added. That whirlwind build all began in New Mexico, where close friend Joel Bushman of Overkill Racing & Chassis started on a full chromoly skeleton. A talented fabricator himself, Cavaretta assisted in completing the highly detailed chassis with more custom touches than you can count.

The more you look, the more you see.

Up front, 2-inch main  bars articulate with customAJE struts with Powerhouse  bags and Camaro dropped spindles for an incredible slam. However, the real
beauty sits out back, where an unbelievably trick cantilevered setup suspends the narrowed TDS quick change housing that has been stuffed with 3.73 gears and shortened 33-spline axles. Virtually every bracket, gusset, and random doodad affixed to the chassis has been crafted with a sexy curved radiused edge, lending an almost organic feel to a chassis that seems to have flowed into position as much as it was crafted there.

Once completed, the fully TIG’ed creation was treated to a rich Gloss Blue Hawaiian hue thanks to Xtreme Powder Coating and outfitted with selected matte charcoal accents, including the coolest arched wishbone track locator you’re likely to ever lay eyes on. Other high-detail touches like the hand fabricated aluminum fuel cell by 3G Fabrications lend further evidence to the fact that Cavaretta didn’t do anything the easy way on this build.

Still not convinced? Consider the reserve tank for the air ride system. Look all you want. You won’t find one.

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