Maradyne Launches New Hydronic Heater – The Carlsbad

| November 20, 2020 More

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Nov. 3, 2020 – Maradyne, known for heating as well as cooling, is launching their latest Hydronic (engine coolant heated) Heater for the high performance and off road market, the Carlsbad Heater.

Producing over 22,000 BTUs/hr. and only 4-9 amps of 12VDC current, the Carlsbad heater is uniquely designed to fit in an easy to install package.  Able to disperse heat for the floor with two louvered vents as well as (2) 2” hose adapters that can add remote louvers or defroster heat, the Carlsbad is easily mountable to your fire wall, floor or under dash with its integrated mounting brackets.  Included is a uniquely Euro style 3 pos – 2 speed switch to mount and control the air flow for the driver.

Maradyne will have its first production inventory ready to ship late-December 2020 just in time for our frosty winter season.

About Maradyne

Maradyne is a division of Dreison International with headquarters in Cleveland, OH. The company manufactures and distributes High Performance Electric fans, Heaters, Blowers and Defroster Fans throughout the United States via a network of dealers and distributors. More information is available at

For more information, contact:

Fred Garza

Sales Manager

Maradyne High Performance




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