FEATURED – Howlin’ Hauler – Alan Williamson

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A white and silver old style pick-up truck for drag racing with a wheelie bar on the backTo car enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, the United States is well known as “the land of milk and honey”. First, because of the relatively low cost of building a hot rod, but even more so because of the availability of the donor cars and trucks themselves. What we sometimes take for granted, others can only dream of.

Owning a stout, street legal 1954 Chevrolet 3100 pick-up truck was Alan Williamson’s dream, and he only had about 3,500 miles of ocean standing in his way of making that dream become a reality. To most us, this might seem a monumental challenge, however, to our friends across the pond it is just part of loving fast cars. If we want a 50’s, 60’s or 70’s musclecar, all we have to do is surf the net for about a minute and we’ll come up with a variety of cars and places to get them within a short drive of home. Imagine searching in a strange land across an entire ocean for not just the car but most of the parts to build it, and then you had to get it all to your backdoor, well that is just what Alan Williamson did… twice!

“It all started back in 2000 when we imported a ‘54 Chevy pick-up for my wife June. I came across June’s ‘54 for sale in Louisiana in a guy’s garden. It was a non-runner with a seized straight 6. Once we got it back we did a quick Camaro front clip transplant, installed a small block Chevy and before long it was running and registered for the UK roads.


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