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Grudge no-time drag racing has grown from the roots of both street racing and organized street car style class drag racing. Add in the component of not having time clocks telling everybody what a car is capable of (that’s why it’s called “NO TIME”) and you just managed to level the playing field to almost flat! Almost…

Grudge cars and racers are a different breed. For the racers, it’s still about the rush of heads-up, even start (none of that TV head-start BS), first to the finish line, on-the-edge racing. But these guys and girls also gotta know how to
play the “Grudge Game.” By game, we mean how to beat the car beside you when have no idea what it can run. In martial arts there is a saying: “when you’re weak pretend your strong, and when you’re strong pretend you’re weak.” This is the single rule that the grudge no-time racer must understand before they enter the ring.

Because there are not a lot of rules in grudge racing, if you’re the type who loves social media attention by posting your ET and the new parts you just installed last week online, then you suck at this game. On the other hand, if you doctored up your time slip to be, say, 3 tenths slower (by the way we can help with that), then you are on the right track. If you took photos of your parts installed and happen to mention the 1050 cfm carb as an 850, you’re learning. If you took photos of a buddy’s street driver parts as being installed on your car, you’re actually getting really good at this game. There’s a lot more to it, but you get the gist. It’s the equivalent of poker and never showing all the cards or letting everyone what you have, or don’t have. You have to find your poker face.

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