FEATURED – Das Volkswagen – Troy Mason

| September 8, 2020 More

An old blue and silver Volkswagen drag racing car doing a small wheelieHow many people first learned to drive in an old VW Bug? Myself, I remember coming home from school to hop in a ‘69 Bug that sat at my grandfather’s shop. I must have put 100 miles on that thing and taught myself how to drive a stick in it. It almost broke my heart to see that little car go, that is until it was replaced by a 69 Camaro, so then it was Auf Wiedersehen Bug! Many enthusiasts still play around with the old VW’s though, and whether it’s a SoCal style slammed beach cruiser or an all out 8-second race car, for whatever reason, the VW has become one of the most recognizable styles of all time. They have a cult-type following and have really become a culture of their own, being as much of an expression of the owner as they are a mode of transportation. Volkswagen enthusiast Troy Mason had his own vision of a custom VW, and it is definitely one that reflects his style and how he grew up around fast cars.


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