NEWS – SUMMIT® Racing Now Stocking Total Seal® Gas Ported Piston Rings

| August 28, 2020 More



Total Seal gas ported piston rings feature strategically sized and placed horizontal slots in the ring. This allows combustion gases to enter through the groove and behind the ring to gas-load the ring—providing greatly improved ring sealing. No matter which type of racing your engine is designed for, it will benefit from the additional ring sealing. The benefits? Increased power and increased engine oil life! Order the piston ring set recommended for your engine application.


A piston can only perform as well as the rings surrounding it do. That’s why Total Seal® concentrates on making the most precise, strongest, lightest and innovative piston rings available. From extreme horsepower race engines to powerful stationary engines for industrial use and everything in between, Total Seal® can help you improve the efficiency and durability of your engine.

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