FEATURED – SUIT and BOWTIE Mark Lohr 1968 Camaro

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Past feature article image of a red drag racing carNicknamed “The Wax Wagon,” Indiana native Mark Lohr’s 1968 Chevrolet Camaro has been an ongoing project for nearly three decades. Although the original 350 cubic inch, 4-barrel, 4-speed drivetrain was long gone when Lohr took possession, the SS still exhibits the original paint color. Mesmerizing under the noon day sun, the Corvette Bronze Chevy is sleek, clean, and still retains a few creature comforts reminiscent of its muscle car heritage.

Boasting 30-plus years of racing experience under his belt, Lohr began developing his interest in horsepower back in his college heyday.

“I didn’t get interested in performance cars until I was in college. I had a friend who did a little car showing and street racing, so I built a ’70 Chevelle with a 454 and I was off to the races,” Lohr explained.

As many stories go, the need for-speed bug had bitten hard, and the longing to go faster began to waterfall. “One year while at the Street Machine Nationals, I met a guy with a nitrous oxide system on his Cutlass. I ordered my first nitrous kit in 1980 and I’ve been hooked on it and fast cars ever since. I’ve had nitrous on street cars, race cars, and street trucks. I have also plumbed nitrous on cars, boats, and motorcycles for others.”

“I street raced in the early days but when I started a family I began going to the track and that is where I have raced ever since. Along the way, I worked full time in a factory and part-time in the evenings to feed my car addiction. I worked in a body shop for several years and an engine machine shop for several more to gain information and skills that I needed for the race car. I took classes on every kind of welding and fabrication that were offered at the local college,” Lohr recollects.

The stunning bronze Super Sport went through several power changes over the years. With the original drivetrain already long gone, Lohr shared how the Chevy started once it was in his possession. “It had a mild 350 and a TH350 automatic with a 10-bolt rear end.

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