FEATURED – BACK IN BLACK – Al DiSalvo 1970 Chevelle

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Past feature car image for reading enhancementFor Al DiSalvo, the love of fast cars began with his brother Peter letting him tag along when he and his friends would head out to the local race track for some Saturday night action. With the cars, the excitement of the track, and the racing, in no time DiSalvo was hooked and there was no going back. At the tender age of just 16, DiSalvo came face to face with the Chevelle he was destined to spend the next 29 years with. Make that 29 years and counting, as there is no sign of the relationship coming to an end any time soon. As a matter of fact, things have never been better!

A co-worker who was hard up for some college cash came in to DiSalvo’s workplace one day offering up his 1970 Chevelle. The Chevelle (which happens to share the same birth year as Al) was all original, Daytona Blue with rallye wheels. The guy was asking $4000, and after a little haggling, he and DiSalvo settled on a final purchase price of $3200. Being just 16 though, he didn’t have that kind of cash just lying around, so he did what all kids do when they need someone to come through for them…go ask mom of course. He hit up his mom to help him out in securing a loan for the car. She agreed to co-sign and that’s where our story really begins.

Even at a young age, DiSalvo knew the importance of taking care of your ride. Rochester, NY winters were meant for the $200 beaters, not your pride and joy and the Chevelle has never seen a winter under his ownership.

“Yes, back in those days you could actually buy a good winter beater car for just $200”DiSalvo chuckled. In those first years the Chevelle served all his needs—daily driver, cruising, and of course drag racing. Racing on the track, on the street, or wherever the action was is where you would find him.

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