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| July 6, 2020 More

Hello fellow gearheads. With every passing day, I am getting one step closer to finally finishing the latest upgrades on Big Red. Once you go down the long, treacherous, expensive road named “Mild to Wild,” bypassing the town of “Simple and Easy,” you arrive at the city of “Expensive-ville,” which is surrounded by the suburbs “Nothing Fits” and “Custom Fabrication,” and the road connecting them all together that leads home is  appropriately called “Really?.”

For a naturally easygoing and super calm guy like me, things around my shop the last two months have been everything but that. Allow me to share with you my most recent experience with a simple and easy upgrade that came extremely close to taking my Jedi skills to the dark side.

I’m an ’80s guy. I went to high school in the ’80s and love my heavy metal and pro street cars. When I was 17, I dreamed of having big tires and Weld Wheel Pro Stars on my ’64 Oldsmobile F-85. Unfortunately, I simply did not have enough money at the time to bring that dream to fruition. My Cragar SST and Laramie 60s were all I … Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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