Race Winning Brands Europe Now Stocking Total Seal® Piston Rings

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July 2nd, 2020

Total Seal Piston Rings announced today that Race Winning Brand’s piston companies – Diamond, JE and Wiseco – are now stocking Total Seal piston rings in Europe for upgrades to piston orders.

Matt Hartford, Total Seal CEO and President said, “Now engine builders and enthusiasts in Europe can unlock greater performance by upgrading to Total Seal® piston rings when they order pistons from Race Winning Brands.”

Since creating the Gapless piston ring over 50 years ago, Total Seal continues to improve ring seal via innovative designs. An engine’s efficiency relates directly to ring seal. Poor ring seal equals poor efficiency. That’s why Total Seal® concentrates on making the most precise, lightest, strongest, and innovative piston rings available. Total Seal® unlocks all of the performance potential.

While the option of Total Seal rings had been available as a special order option, now that these great manufacturers are carrying Total Seal rings in stock makes it easier to take advantage of Total Seal’s patented technologies such as our new Gas Ported Rings, Diamond Finish and Total Conform rings.

Total Seal designs and manufactures Piston Rings for all types of applications including Racing, Performance Street, Restoration, Diesel, Aviation, Marine, and Specialty applications. Total Seal’s product lines include Gas Ported, Diamond Finish, Advanced Profiling Steel, Advantage, TNT, Gapless® and Conventional piston rings, as well as a line of ring tools and specialty lubricants.

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