FEATURES – THE INSTIGATOR – Jeff VanNorden – 70 Challenger

| July 3, 2020 More

To hear Clifton Park, New York’s Jeff VanNorden tell it, he didn’t have a choice. On the streets in his hometown, there is an order. There’s an ethos. There’s a way you establish yourself. And to fail to abide by those unwritten rules is… well…unforgivable.

“A buddy of mine was riding his Hyabusa and he was stopped on ‘the bridge.’ For those who don’t know, ‘the bridge’ is all concrete and it’s the last straight section of street down from a local hangout,” VanNorden recalled.

And if someone stops on the bridge, there is no option.

“You have to throw down. That’s the rules. He might as well have took a swing at me,” he said with a laugh.

So what is a competitive young red-blooded American to do in a high-powered Mopar? Oblige, of course.

The Dodge seemed to whisper in his ear: “You don’t have to stand for this. Just press the fun pedal on the right and let me handle it.”

In most every fight, there’s someone who wanted it to happen just so they could show their mettle. An instigator.

And in this fight, it was Jeff’s Challenger…. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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