FEATURES- STREET CRED – Dan Marvin ’90 IROC Z Camaro

| July 20, 2020 More

Electric Blue IROC Camaro drag racing car from past feature articleFor Buffalo New York’s Dan Marvin, it’s not about glitz, glitter or how much dough you dropped on making your car look good in the pits. And as far as car shows go, nothing could be further from his mind. For Dan, it’s simple—beat the other guy and have fun doing it!

Call it a sleeper, a grudge racer that doubles as a driver, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or whatever you want, but to get respect in the world of hardcore real street car drag racing, you gotta earn it. Case in point: when Dan rolls up to the starting line of any drag strip in his plain-Jane looking 1990 IROC-Z, if his opponent doesn’t know him, they chuckle then lose the race. If the driver does happen to know Dan, they know they need to be on their game, and then, more times than not, they lose the race!

To say that Marvin is passionate about drag racing is an understatement. He races in at least two different organizations in two different countries and enters as many classes as he can at each event. Plus, he signs up for any type of Outlaw real street car class he can, including the upcoming WAR By The SHORE Real Street Showdown class at Thompson Raceway Park in Ohio, July 25th.

You wanna talk about street cred and respect? “Dan (Marvin) is truly the ‘Iron Man’ of the OSCA,” said Mike Bennett, co-founder of Canada’s Ontario Street Car Association (OSCA). “Since the inception of the index classes in 2002, Dan has not missed a single race. What’s even more impressive is the fact that he almost always double-enters in 10.90 and Open Comp and wins regularly in both! He’s probably one of the most well-rounded racers I’ve ever seen and a great guy with a great attitude to boot.”… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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