FEATURES – STIFF WIND – Anthony Albanese ‘ ’71 Chevelle Ragtop

| July 2, 2020 More

It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. And try as we might to mix things up here at RPM, the truth is that for all our car guy and gal chest thumping for being different, unique, and individualistic, we sure tend to do things a lot more alike than different. We all like speed, power, and style, but judging by the homogeneity of our builds, most of us tend to get there in pretty much the same way.

It’s safe to say that Anthony Albanese isn’t so much into the whole being-different- by-being-like-everyone- else nonsense. He likes to be different by being—well—different… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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