FEATURES- SNAKE HANDLER – Robert Patrick 2014 Nitrous Pro Mod Mustang

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Red racing car(mustang) with white racing stripes from a feature articleRobert Patrick’s name has been synonymous with ultra-fast Mustangs for years, winning championships, setting national records and becoming a household name while piloting various forms of the wildly popular Ford body style with his mother and father’s 40+ years Purvis Ford (Fredericksburg, VA) dealership name prominently displayed on the side of each and every one of them. Robert proudly states that ownership of the newest version of the Purvis Ford Racing Team Mustang are his parents Eli and Bonnie Patrick who both love this form of drag racing and support Robert as the driver and tuner of their new “Super Snake.”

A quick history of the Super Snake Mustang: in 1967 Carroll Shelby designed one Mustang, naming it the “Super Snake.” The ar was capable of 170+MPH, sporting a one-piece fiberglass front end, custom wheels and tires, and a host of other Shelby tricks and secrets. The Super Snake was to become a new option package, but the 50 to be built never made it past the drawing board and that one and only Super Snake Mustang recently sold at auction for a record $1.3 million. Ford brought the name back in 2007 with an option package in a limited 500-car production run and today you can get the option with 850hp if you have the wallet and the guts to take ownership of one.

As a driver, Robert Patrick has been in involved in almost all categories of the professional drag race scene. As an IHRA Pro Stock Champion, he’s gained notoriety in the Mountain Motors and much experience through his career from some of the biggest names in racing: Rickie Smith, Scotty Canon, and the list goes on. Nowadays though, he can be found in the wild, high-powered world of Pro Modified as a favored contender anywhere he runs. With the pressures of sponsorships, costs, and long distance travelling that come hand in hand with championship level drag racing—and more importantly, his desire to race close to home— Robert chooses his appearances carefully so as to not spread himself too thin over the hectic and sometimes conflicting schedules of many different organizations…. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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