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The motor of a car from a past feature articleMost of us are familiar with the idea of hibernation. You know the drill: animals bury themselves deep in a hole and sleep through the winter. Hibernation is an energy-saving measure that allows the critter to survive long periods of time when food is typically scarce.

However, some animals like snakes who live in milder climates don’t actually sleep—they stay awake all winter looking for the best time to re-emerge and strike. Referred
to as brumation, it’s a far more active process that can pose a real threat to an unsuspecting hiker or naturalist out for a leisurely fall stroll. Thinking the cold-blooded animals are asleep for the winter and no threat, one careless step could be deadly.

Such is the case for competitors around Church Hill, Maryland. Resident David Hall is a self-proclaimed lifelong car guy. However—like many of us—he spent a season of life focused on more pressing priorities like family and career. It’d be natural to think that years without a badass hot rod would point to a love for the auto that had either faded or died altogether.

But such an assumption could be costly. That passion wasn’t sleeping or dead. It was just waiting for the right time.

“Close to where I live in Ocean City, they have an annual show called ‘Endless Summer Cruisin’’ After coming to the event for years with the kids and even when I was a kid myself, I realized it was time for my next build,” he recalled.

After considering the options, Hall zeroed in on a ’68-’72 Gen III Nova bodystyle as the starting point for a 4-digit horsepower pounder equally adept at cruising on the street as blasting down the strip…. Read more of this article. Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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