TRUCKS – Trick Out Your Truck – Lighting & Style F250

| June 18, 2020 More

With new diesel F-250 pickups running into the upper $60,000 range, we decided it would be worth the upgrades to freshen our 15 year-old reliable Powerstroke instead. The newer trucks actually still have very similar overall body styling but our lights and grille really show how dated our old truck  really is. Our 2000 F-250 is still in great mechanical condition and has maintained its original red paint’s gloss very well for having sat outside covered in dust for sometimes months before getting to stretch her legs.

We found new power with an Edge CTS tuner and Snow Performance Tow Max water/ methanol injection back in November, and even more in February with a big 5-inch turbo-back stainless exhaust from MBRP. Then we started… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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