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We’ll be honest, we got sick and tired of being made fun of for our mundane 2015 F150 shop truck. We just heard one too many “hey look at the magazine guys driving around in a stock pickup,” comments and decided to do something about it.

First, we tugged at the project department’s purse (and heart) strings for a budget and decided on just a few upgrades that would maximize good looks for the money. The goal was to collect the necessary parts first, then we’d turn our relatively low-key hauler into a slick ride with that offroad look (something we all want in our work trucks) in a single day!

Just like any 16 year-old kid with his first car, we needed some wicked wheels and tires. The right wheels and tires on any vehicle can make the biggest difference, but because we’re not 16 and this is a 2015 pickup, we couldn’t just slap anything on. We had to have something with drop-dead good looks and the performance to match.

Before the news skins, though, we needed a few other items that would enhance our wheel and tire choice. Most half-tons today are notorious
for that raised-up rear stance. This is partly because of the rear squat that happens as you add payload in the bed or tongue weight from a trailer.
As you put weight in or on it, the stance levels off. Given that, we knew that we needed  to level the truck first for both clearance and looks.

Adding a leveling kit is a great cost-effective way to bring the front end of your truck up without a lot of workand without compromising ride quality, but  choosing the right kit can be a job in itself. After checking out the many top brand leveling kits on their site, we contacted our friends at Summit Racing Equipment to order a ProRyde Suspension Systems Adjustable Upper Strut Lift/Leveling Kit… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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