PROJECTS – HOME GROWN COPO – Powered, Wired & Shifted

| June 29, 2020 More

It’s been six long months since we last checked in with Project Homegrown COPO, an RPM MAG-influenced tribute to the factory modified racecar offering from Chevrolet, and we’ve made some decent progress. It might not seem like much if you are a fan of TV shows that pack a year’s worth of work into a few one hour episodes on a virtually unlimited budget, but if you have had to build your own car at any level, then you understand how having a day job, a family, and limited resources impacts progress. Since we can check off all of the above, in our opinion, a lot has been done.

First a quick update: the donor Camaro was found a few years back as an un-vin numbered bare shell, beaten up and tossed around at a local wrecking yard. Like we said, the Homegrown COPO (HGC) project is a tribute to the real-deal COPO Camaro, but with a number of tricks… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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