FEATURES – THE MAVERICK – Dan Bosco – ’74 Ford Maverick

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Dan Bosco, just like the name of his Outlaw Limited Street “Maverick” suggests, isn’t scared to cross the line of conformity.

No stranger to cars growing up, Bosco’s dad always had something that would turn heads in the driveway. For Dan though, there was nothing like the thought of going fast in a drag car, which is why he attributes his love of racing to his uncle.

“My dad always had a cool car, but my uncle Mark was the one that really gave me the go-fast bug as a kid. He had an all-out drag car, which couldn’t have been cooler to me!” explained Bosco.

Dan has been racing since the age of 17 and just two years into it he bought his first race car—a 1988 Ford Mustang GT which ran mid-thirteens at the time. It may not have been an all-out drag car like uncle Mark’s, but Dan loved the Mustang nonetheless. Sixteen years later, when it came time to part ways with the ’Stang, it was still a bonafide street car, only now it was running 10.30’s…not too shabby at all!

It was time to move on,  though, time to step up his game, it was time to take those boyhood dreams of a dedicated all-out drag car and finally make them reality! Not only that, but it was also time to stray from the norm. “I loved that Mustang but it was time to be different,” said Dan. And what better way to be different than to build … Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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