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At RPM we’re firm believers that the history of performance and muscle cars must be kept alive and documented for generations to come. And occasionally, we stumble across something so incredibly rare that we have to pass it on to our readers, and this Malibu Super Sport is no exception. With only 230 produced for overseas export from North America, the owner of this virtually untouched ’66 Malibu SS knowsthat he has something  special.

“I think it’s better to keep this car as original as possible,” says Richard Sloot. “This is exactly the way I purchased it back in 1999, and to the best of my ability I want to keep it that way,” he added.

The “built for export only” status of this Chevy is what makes the production numbers so low and the car so extremely rare, however, a long list of “SS” options and some little-known facts about the small block equipped Malibu SS of 1966 definitely don’t hurt the equation.

All on its own, an  unrestored 1966 Malibu SS is a tough find today, but literally at our first glimpse we knew there was something up with this one. For starters, some of the car’s tags and badging are considerably different than any we’d seen in the past. And then there’s the flat hood on a ’66 SS that just didn’t sit right with us. The front grille is also minus the “SS” treatment and has an … Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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