FEATURES – GLASS DRAGGIN – George Reidenauer – Corvette Nostalgia Funny Car

| June 5, 2020 More

George Reidnauer was introduced to drag racing by his father in the mid-’70s. His dad, who used to deliver bread for a living, would rush home to pick young George up as soon as he got off work  early Sunday mornings and the duo would drive over to Maple Grove Raceway for the day. Of course, the funny cars would be there—and that’s where George first fell in love with the fabulous floppers.

Fast forward several years and George had started his own construction business by the age of 25. He got married, helped raise his three kids, and waited until  they were out of high school before he purchased his first race car—an alcohol funny car.

Reidnauer is a lifelong Al Hoffman fan. One day in 2005 while browsing eBay, he stumbled across Hoffman’s first race car for sale. The China Syndrome funny car was a slant-nosed Vega that Hoffman had purchased from Radici & Wise. As fortune would have it, George bid on… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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