FEATURES – DELUXE BOOST – Jay Friedrich – ’66 Chevelle

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“I bought the car in 1986 while I was a sophomore in college,” said Jay Friedrich of his 1966 Chevelle Deluxe. “It was an all original six-cylinder
car with 48,000 original miles.” That Chevelle would only make it one  more year with the six in it as Freidrich was working  feverishly after school nd any chance he could, saving up his cash for the parts needed to convert  it to a big block.

“I graduated and got a job and then did my first big block  Chevy swap when I went to a 396 in the Chevelle. And then another 396, a 427, then a 582 naturally aspirated, and one more time to the current 582 ProCharged set up,” he laughed.

Jay has admittedly been hooked on cars and drag racing since the late eighties, even before he bought the Chevelle, and while he may have taken a slight bend in the road to focus on the show car scene for a while, with an Olds Cutlass he built, he quickly grew bored of not being able to enjoy the horsepower side of his hobby. “I built the Chevelle to be a street/strip car from the start,” he said. “I raced it in Super Chevy Sunday back in 1989- 91 and I also crewed for one of my best friends who raced NHRA Comp Eliminator for 10 years. He currently races Top Dragster and Super Stock and our shops are together, so it’s … Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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