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Current engine design is being transformed by the arrival of GDI  Gasoline Direct Injection). GDI requires high-pressure injectors to inject gasoline  directly into the cylinder rather than the intake port. In so doing, GDI improves fuel atomization, promotes cleaner burn, boosts fuel efficiency—and more importantly for the racing brain—improves performance.

Twenty-four years ago, a similar transformation took place in head gasket design when the term MLS entered our speech. The revolutionary multi-layer steel gaskets featured three or four layers of thin stainless steel sheets. Spring loaded, the top and bottom layers of the MLS gasket push against the center core to combat high combustion pressures. It was the gasket’s spring pressure that created the improved seal for the running engine.

To complete the seal, the top and bottom surfaces were embossed and coated. A decade later, most of the major automotive engine producers had abandoned the traditional steel core design with gasket paper attached in favor of the MLS.

Racing products are measured by whether they achieve their goals and JE’s Pro series MLS gaskets have fared well, thanks to their well-judged range of three… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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