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There are 2 questions I would have never imagined the answers to 21 years ago when we started RPM MAG, yet both answers are exactly the same:

The first question would be: Could you ever have imagined that RPM, starting from literally nothing but a vision, would have grown into the worlds top independent print car magazine? The answer: Never in my wildest dreams!

The second question: Could you ever imagined that after growing each and every month for 21 years that RPM would be shut down in print in a matter of days due to a worldwide virus? We all know the answer (see above)

But to me shut down in print and shut down are two entirely different things…Those who know me personally know that nothing slows me down, keeps me down or prevents me from doing what needs to be done. And this challenge is no different. There have been many naysayers, haters and copycats from day 1 all those years ago. But for every one of them there has been 100 times that of positive, helpful, encouraging, supportive people along the way, so it’s simple math why RPM is what it is today. It is not because of us, it is because of you.

This pandemic essentially shut off 100% of the revenue that runs RPM MAGAZINE within a matter of days. With printers running skeleton staff and experiencing paper shortages, in addition to many of our customers closed or skeleton staffed, and the last thing on their minds being advertising, we simply could not print a magazine. So for the first time in 21 years RPM had to literally “stop the presses” and we did not print a May 2020 edition.

We’ve regrouped quickly, though, and it is because of our amazing, talented and dedicated team here, and through the overwhelming support of you, our readers and followers, and our incredible advertisers. Armed with this, we were able to put every resource we have toward the goal of continuing RPM, and the results are amazing.

RPM will publish a June 2020 issue in a totally digital format at www.rpmmag.com

It will be bigger and wilder than ever, and completely interactive. Plus, our website, which has been totally overhauled and increased in traffic a staggering 720% the past 90 days, will also host content from around the world including your photos, videos, press releases and more.

That’s the good stuff that has come from this. That bad side is that, unfortunately, a print magazine is not viable at this time. That being said, remember that we are RPM, we are not “the other mags”. We are committed to making this transition right for every single one of our readers, print or digital.

Something that has burdened me and cost me a lot of sleep over the past month is part of what I said in response to TEN Publishing closing of 19 of its 21 print titles last December. I said, “Rest assured we will not shutter RPM in print as long as I am at the helm of the magazine!”

I can say with certainty that was 100% true, in that world. But I could never have seen this coming, never in my wildest dreams.

Something most print readers don’t know is, that despite paper costs rising over 60% during the past 2 year period (pre-Covid), despite constantly increasing mailing and shipping costs, despite the pressure to go digital-only by so many companies who said they “would” gladly advertise in RPM if it was wholly digital, we resisted. We dug in our heels and held steadfast to print and digital. I have always said that RPM is a family company with family values, we don’t think of it as our magazine but rather yours. Unfortunately, the destruction this pandemic has caused worldwide to life and economies is staggering, but together we will continue on and will grow once again.

To our print readers, whether it is a transfer to our digital RPM MAGAZINE subscription or a refund, make no mistake we are here to do this with morals and integrity. We have been working overtime to contact all of all you in 34 countries and will continue for months to come until everyone is satisfied with their outcome. I can say this, the response and support that so many of you shown so far has been overwhelming and has fueled our passion to continue.


We get it. Now more than ever it is important for all of you to have an outlet, a hobby, a pass time, a simple way to break up your days and nights with something you/we enjoy, and cars and horsepower are what we all have in common.

RPM is fueled by valued advertisers that allow you to enjoy our content. They are the people that make and sell parts and provide the services we need. So in the coming weeks and months as economies re-open and start to function again, we ask that you click on that link, follow that story, contact those manufacturers and speed shops and help get things back to full throttle. Once you’re back to work, if you have the means, set that little bit aside once again for the car out in the garage. It’s up to all of us to create the ending of the “how our industry emerged from the 2020 Covid-19 crisis” story. Let’s make it a good one!

Be sure to check out our New Website at www.rpmmag.com to see what we have been up to lately.  A ton of great Features and Technical pieces are available for your reading pleasure as well as the April Issue and all of the other back issues found in the menu list dating all the way back to 2013.

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