INSTALL – NITROUS EXPRESS Billet Single Entry Crossbar Plate

| May 18, 2020 More

Classes such as Ultra Street and Ultimate Street seem to be all the rage in small tire drag racing these days. There is something basic and pure about a class of small blocks on DOT 275 radials duking it out with simple plate systems. Forced induction guys get the ever-evolving 76mm turbo that has proven itself this season with consistent 4.80s in the eighth-mile. Meanwhile the nitrous guys are trying to squeeze as much laughing gas out of their plates  as possible. To match the hosepower levels of those pesky turbos, it is getting close to time to lobby the powers that be for foggers. Fortunately, nitrous technology is constantly hustlin’ too, trying to find ways to deliver more N20 and distribute the mixture more evenly. Released earlier this year just in time for the racing season, Nitrous Express dropped a triple punch with three new products that will give the jug junkies a little more ammo.

First is the new rendition of their billet cross bar plate in a single entry variation. This thing will really move some nitrous for only having one nitrous entry fitting. Sure the two nitrous, two fuel fitting version will obviously move more, but the 50-pound single entry weight break makes this bad boy pretty appealing. Nitrous Express was able to pass 2664 pounds per hour through one with the -3AN jet fittings replaced by a -6AN fitting with no jet at 1055 psi bottle… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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