INSTALL – 4 LUG THUG – RaceCraft Part 2 – Suspension Upgrade

| May 8, 2020 More

Last month, we started our RaceCraft rear suspension upgrade in the RPM Magazine THUG mule Mustang with the install of a much-needed upper control arm doubler kit. RaceCraft’s stock upper torque box upgrade not only reinforced the control arm bolt holes but gives us another set of bolt holes above the stock location for more instant center options. Now it’s time to toss those old boxed style upper arms and single-adjustable lowers to make room for the good stuff.

Before we get to the easy part, we decided not to stop with just adding the doublers to the upper torque boxes but to get that bolt hole insurance and  adjustability  in the lower torque boxes and lower rear end housing brackets, too. Adding doublers to the lower torque boxes was super easy and since we already had the drill guide jig from the RaceCraft doubler kit, all we needed to do the lower torque boxes was the doublers themselves.

RaceCraft happens to sell the weld-on doublers without the install kit for just $35 for a set of four. We just enlarged the bolt holes from the itty-bitty stock 12mm to a cornfed  country boy 5/8-inch bolt size then used the RaceCraft drill fixture to line up the second… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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