INSTALL – 4 LUG THUG – RaceCraft Part 1 – Upper Torque Box Doubler Install

| May 6, 2020 More

We decided while rebuilding the rear  section of project 4 Lug Thug over  the winter that we should upgrade our cheap second-hand upper and lower control arms while its jacked up and stripped down. While the car as originally going to be a mild street/strip ride, it has slowly morphed into more than we thought it would be. With only three passes so far leaving on nitrous, the car has laid down solid mid one-teen sixties on decent prep but not optimized for radials. I figured before really getting after it hard, we had better get the chintzy control arms  out of there and upgrade to larger 5/8-inch bolts, too. The old lower arms were actually made for use with factory springs so they aren’t even double- adjustable. The new heavy duty hardcore RaceCraft pieces are made for ultimate durability and are in some of the fastest stock suspension cars on the planet. When I was pulling out the old upper control arms I discovered the bolt in the housing side was bent and had to be cut out, and the holes in the upper torque boxes were already starting to distort.

I had originally welded up around the torque boxes… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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