FEATURE – FULFILLMENT – Roland O’Haran Sr. – ’67 Camaro

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I was recently told, “life is short man, enjoy what you want now as later may never come.” If we could all have a buck or two for every time somebody said that to us, we’d have a bit more to spend on our cars. We will all walk away from this article understanding just how true that statement is, but also that there is still time—and the time my friends, is now!

Heavily involved in the automotive industry since a child, Mechanicsville, Maryland’s Roland O’Haran spent his life working on cars in the collision industry. A second-generation bodyman, to him it was a trade—an art—and he grew up learning all of his then, it wasn’t a “remove and replace” world when it came to repairing damage. Instead, it was a “fix it and fix it right” time in the evolution  if the automobile.

As time passed and O’Haran got his own set of wheels, he would often spend weekends street racing with his brother-in-law. Back then, it was apparent that Roland would be a lifelong Chevrolet man, as he owned a ’66 Chevelle, followed by a ’70 Nova and his first
Camaro, which was a ’69. Girls and soon a family crept into O’Haran’s life and although he left behind his four-wheeled horsepower for a while, he found interest in motocross with his oldest
child. They raced dirt bikes for a while, but by 2004 the call of the muscle cars he enjoyed growing up was just too strong to ignore and he got back into the car scene. In 2005 he opened up his own body shop, G and R Collision Center in Waldorf,…. Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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