FEATURES – WILD WEST – Farrell West – ’72 Chevy Nova

| May 5, 2020 More

Street legal is the only way that Farrell West of Beaumont, Mississippi would have his 1972 Chevy Nova. Of course that doesn’t mean the car can’t mix it up with the best of them in classes like True 10.5 or X275—he just prefers that his own car fit the true intention of a “street car” and be fully capable both on the street and on the dragstrip.

“It weighs 3,480 pounds, is street legal and I actually drive the car on the street,” explained West. “And while I haven’t got to run the car at the track much, it has been 8.20 at 165 mph in the quarter-mile so far,” he added.

West bought the Nova 12 years ago and since has completely transformed it into the weapon it is today. “It was just a plain-Jane six-cylinder Nova, but only had 25k original miles on it,” continued West. “I’m the third owner and it was actually bought new in my home town. All the work has been done by myself with help from my teenage son and a few friends.”

The car was disassembled in February of 2008 and so began the build of the Nova from mild to wild. “The body was completely taken apart—every nut, bolt, and wire,” explained West, who happens to be the owner of S&W Collision in Waynesboro, MS. “I stripped the entire body to bare metal then coated it with Glasurit epoxy primer and spent countless hours on the….  Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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