FEATURES – FAST & LOOSE – George Rubistello – 63 Chevy Nova

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My good friend RJ Miolla said it needed a name,” recalled Lake Peeskill, NY paint and body extraordinaire George Rubistello. After several failed attempts and a few laughs, Miolla (whose own Pro Cameo took the July  2015 cover of RPM) said “Loose Screw,” and that was that.

“There couldn’t be a better name for the car,” Rubistello nodded in agreement.

We’d have to agree. After all, the 7-second capable 1963 Nova is a well-executed nod to good old-fashioned horsepower. Devoid of a gaggle of modern gadgets and gizmos, it runs an alcohol-burning 515 cubic-inch blown and injected Rat motor on a relatively short wheelbase, making the likelihood of things getting a bit wild and unpredictable— dare we say downright crazy—a distinct possibility every time Rubistello straps in.

In other words, you might not need a screw or two loose to pilot the little Chevy down the track. But it wouldn’t hurt. The car began as a project in 2004, but some version of it has been running around in Rubistello’s gray matter for the better part of four decades. “I’m 60, and I’ve raced on the track and the street since I was 16,” he said matter-of-factly. “At 9, I would watch the local racers pass my house heading to… Read more of this article.  Just click on the digital feature below this introduction.

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